Why Metamask Chrome Extension is Crashing?

  • The last five years have seen a surge in interest in cryptocurrencies. As cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others gained popularity, many individuals came to believe that investing in them was a wonderful way to make money.

    Although MetaMask is among the best software cryptocurrency wallets available, it is not faultless. The frequent crashes of the MetaMask Chrome extension are common issues for users.

    Unfortunately, there isn't a clear explanation for why this happens.

    In this article, you will learn all about what to do when your MetaMask Chrome extension keeps crashing.

    So let’s get started.

    Restart your system 

    One of the first things you might try if MetaMask is giving you problems is to restart your computer. Your system resources are reloaded as a result, and any transient faults that could have happened are also fixed.

    See the instructions below to restart your computer if you use Windows:

    1. By pressing the Windows key on your keyboard, you may enter the Start Menu.
    2. The “Power Options” tab should then be selected.
    3. Finally, to restart your computer, choose the Restart option.

    After that, open Google Chrome and verify that MetaMask is installed. 

    Close all your tabs

    Closing all your Chrome tabs before using the MetaMask Chrome extension is one of the best methods to resolve this issue. If you browse MetaMask when other tabs are open, Google Chrome begins to break for an unidentified cause.

    Re-login into your account.

    Re-logging into your account on Google Chrome is another approach to solve this MetaMask problem. You can try signing out of your current session if MetaMask is still usable for a brief amount of time before it crashes.

    To log out of your MetaMask account, follow these steps:

    1. Initially, open the MetaMask Chrome add-on.
    2. Then, click on your Profile in the window's upper right corner.
    3. Click Lock next to your name to finish.

    Reinstall your browser extension.

    It is advisable to reinstall the plugin on your machine if Google Chrome still fails when browsing MetaMask. By doing this, you can make sure the MetaMask Chrome extension is set up properly.

    The steps below should be followed in order to uninstall browser add-ons from Chrome.

    1. Select Settings from the More Options menu in Google Chrome.
    2. Following that, select Extensions from the side menu.
    3. Locate MetaMask and choose Remove to finish.

    After that, simply reinstall the browser extension from the MetaMask home page.

    Simply wait it out.

    On occasion, MetaMask experiences technical difficulties that lead to platform malfunctions. If you're having trouble accessing your cryptocurrency wallet, try again in a few minutes or hours.


    You've undoubtedly heard about MetaMask if you're interested in the Ethereum network. It is a cryptocurrency wallet that runs on software and is mostly used to manage Ethereum. Sometimes the MetaMask extension may behave abnormally. To address your problem, use the actions listed above.

    If you have any other further troubles with your MetaMask Chrome extension you can visit the MetaMask support page and report your concern.