RuneScape's 20th year

  • On January 4, 2021, RuneScape celebrated its 20th birthday. In the case of the epidemic in 2020, it seems to have reached its peak, with 1.2 million paying users joining, reaching nearly 300 million registered players. In the era of CRT computer monitors, RuneScape, as a free fantasy MMO game, has attracted many players with its event party hats, retro tunes, and interesting dances.

    In 2021, Jagex and The Grand Party will bring more expectations to RuneScape. The new multi-part mission line, the second mission with story background, the iconic role of the ancient gods will rise again.

    Desperate Measures, the second season of Desperate Times, will come in 2021. This is a medium-difficult task. The length of 11 tasks is currently listed in RuneScape 3. Are you looking forward to its update? Will you follow the dragon Karapak to protect the world? Will you stop Kerapac from planning to wipe out all the lives of Gielinor with needles? Will you use Needle to control time, destroy the ancient gods, and save the entire world?

    In the anniversary event of Old School RuneScape, you will cooperate with Green Gnome Child and venture together to fight dragons and demons? Would you want an anniversary cloak? In 2021, you can also enjoy the game on steam? Will the new version of RuneScape also come to mobile phones or tablets?

    RuneScape will also be released on steam in 2020. Will RuneScape 3 and Old School RuneScape appear together? But we will appear together in the game, in the community. Although we can't go out and meet together now, we can meet in the game. Remember to accept the Runescape Gold I gave you. Don't worry about me, I buy OSRS Gold on