Show your creativity in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

  • In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players have their own islands, and they are all using their creativity to make their islands look good and upgrade their levels. Many players will browse the works shared by some powerful players on social media. In order to make your own design an unforgettable memory for visitors to the island, the following suggestions hope to help you.

    The entrance to the island is generally the place that gives tourists the first impression. So in the area next to the airport terminal, it is worthwhile to use your ingenuity to create a beautiful and individual entrance. After entering, it is very important to have a clear path. After all, visitors want to know where they can go and how to go. Prompt information is an indispensable part. Barrier-free shops are also an indispensable part. Most players will want to check out Able Sisters and Nook's Cranny to see if there are any good-looking and useful things.

    The price of turnips is also a kind of attracting visitors. If they know your island, they can get a good return. Then tell your friends who your daily supplier is. They may just need the items provided by the supplier, such as snapping up new paintings from Redd. Tell your friends about the information of suppliers that visit KK Slider, Celeste, and Daisy Mae at a fixed time!

    Interesting project
    Every player visiting other islands also hopes to experience rich and interesting activities. The obstacle course is an activity that brings competition and victory satisfaction to friends. Setting up obstacles such as traps, fences, tree stumps, etc. is very interesting, and then setting victory rewards can attract people to participate.

    Treasure hunt games are also optional. Find a few friends to set up as your best friends and let them explore the island with you with a shovel. You can bury some obsolete items or rubbish as a failure in the treasure hunt, bury interesting or valuable items as a reward for the treasure hunt, and then limit a time, which is very interesting. Don't worry about your lack of bells or items, you will know why at the end.

    Other items that can be appreciated
    Finally, there are some places on the island that represent your design creativity for your friends to appreciate. Your garden is a good choice. You can make your garden full of design through hybridization or other methods. You can choose to set up and dress up in museums, woods, hot springs, caves, etc.

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