Animal Crossing: New Horizons National Squirrel Appointment Day

  • Enjoying Filbert, optimistic Peanut, friendly Sylvana, lovable Poppy, and smug Marshal are some of the best squirrels out there to make friends with on this special day. Squirrels with a bad reputation have had their own festival since they started in Asheville, North Carolina, in 2001. In the spirit of Christy Hargrove and wildlife rehabilitation expert Hargrove, let's take a look at these squirrels!


    Filbert, one of the original squirrels of Animal Crossing, was featured in the original game and all subsequent games. He also appeared on the cover of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Filbert, the only lazy squirrel in the animal traverse, usually gets on well with the other villagers. Hilbert's house, featured in New Horizons magazine, is spatial-themed but has a certain dreamy quality. Filbert loves to relax and enjoy his food, which may be why he's a fan favorite, the infected squirrel.


    Like Filbert, Peanut has appeared in every Animal Crossing game to date. She has a lively personality, so she is easy to get along with and very optimistic. Sometimes, if the player is not careful, Watson will get angry during the conversation. However, her short attention span allowed her to solve the problem quickly. Her home in New Horizons is pink and beautiful, with a canopy bed, and she can get along with almost every villager.


    Although Sylvana made her first appearance in one of the original Animal Crossing games, Animal Crossing E +, she was absent from the series until Animal Crossing: New Leaf. But she's also in Pocket Camp, in the cherry blossom-themed house in New Horizons. Sylvana has the same normal personality as Poppy, and her name comes from the Latin for the forest, which may be a synonym for her squirrel species. Despite the lack of titles, this squirrel is easily the best in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.


    The adorable squirrel made his first appearance in Animal Crossing: City Folk, but then went on to appear in New Leaf, Happy Home Designer, and Pocket Camp, before returning to New Horizons. Her looks are absolutely lovely and she has a normal personality, which means she becomes friends more easily than most other villagers and is likely to clash only with whimsy and sister personality types. Poppy's home in New Horizons is very autumn and quiet, featuring items from the Log Set and other DIY recipes. Although it will cost a lot of bells or Nook Miles Tickets.


    Montmorency originally made his Animal Crossing debut in New Leaf, but now also appears in Pocket Camp and more recently in New Horizons. In terms of personality, he is classified as smug and is the only smug squirrel in the Animal Crossing series to date. His home in New Horizons is coffee-themed and includes such things as a coffee grinder and espresso machine. Despite his tough look, Admiral gets along well with most of the villagers and quickly gets into the hearts of the players.

    Despite the trouble they cause by getting into bird feeders and eating all their food, they're the perfect villagers to celebrate National Squirrel Thanksgiving Day. Will buying ACNH Bells and Animal Crossing NMT make your celebration even happier?