While there isn't even confirmation that Madden NFL 22

  • While there isn't even confirmation that Madden NFL 22 is really coming this season, it appears like there's going to be yet another installment in the series. That is one of Mut 21 coins the reasons it seems like the rumors of Henry making the cover are accurate. EA may not have made the announcement, but there is likely to be someone being featured. Running backs have been few and far between when it comes to this honor though, as recent history hints which quarterback is more likely to get the nod.

    Tom Brady has been around a Madden NFL cover before. However, there's no rule that says that an athlete can't do it again. Not merely did the the ageless quarterback post among the better campaigns in the league this year, but what he accomplished in the 2020-21 season has enough of a"story-book" texture to it that Electronic Arts might not have the ability to resist.

    He did this in his era 43 season. Despite a brand new team and some time in his profession most players have already long ago retired, he published one of cheap Madden 21 coins the best seasons of his career. After throwing 40 touchdowns to only 12 interceptions and also for 4,633 yards, he ended off the effort by beating another former Madden NFL cover athlete at Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl.