4 insightful podcasts that students must check out

  • Many students rely on informative podcasts when they need assignment help Australia service. Even educators encourage students to listen to podcasts to gather resources for their assignments.

    If you're looking for some podcasts worth listening to, we have created a small list for you. All these podcasts are recommended by prolific experts who offer online assignment help in Australia.

    1.Hardcore History

    This podcast is hosted by Dan Carlin, who's also a political commentator. What makes the podcast interesting is Carlin's passionate and varied delivery on any topic. So, before you go on to hire assignment experts, listen to this podcast for some great resources.

    Additionally, the podcast touches upon some of the fascinating topics. Some of them are the rise and fall of the Mongol empire, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Punic Wars, or World War II from the vantage point of the Eastern Front. Even the writers from the renowned Australian assignment help services vouch for this one. 

    2.StarTalk Radio

    In this podcast, renowned astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson elaborates on fascinating details about the universe. The host employs a simple approach to educate his listeners about the space.

    All of Tyson's podcasts are incredibly engaging, and the knowledge he offers can be useful for audiences ranging from elementary to university level. In addition to his remarkable insight, he also interviews many famous people for his podcasts that make them worth listening to.


    This podcast is released on Fridays, thus the name SciFri. It touches upon a variety of topics from the different areas of science. It comes with educational stories and activities that are engaging. So, if you need help with your science assignments, this online resource can be a great choice.

    Occasionally, you'll get to hear guests like Elon Musk on the show. Elon had elaborated on his environmental agenda and his invention of electric cars on the show.

    4.A Way With Words

    This one is an upbeat public radio show and podcast about language assessed through culture, history, and family. The podcast comes out weekly, is an hour-long, and each episode is thoroughly engaging. 

    Author and journalist Martha Bernette and Lexicographer Grant Barrett speak about everything related to the English language. Old sayings, new vocabulary, grammar, word origins, dialects, family expressions, writing, speaking– the show covers every aspect of the English language. This podcast is perfect for students from different academic levels who are interested in learning English.

    Bookmark this post for future reference and expand the horizon of your knowledge by listening to these podcasts.