5454 aluminum sheet from HUAWEI

  • 5454 aluminum sheet plate is one of the 5000 collection aluminum dominant products of HUAWEI. HUAWEI has leading era and the aluminium sheet 5754 produced with the aid of HUAWEI can adapt to awful corrosion surroundings. 5754 aluminium alloy is an ordinary anti-rust aluminum with excessive strength, about 20% higher than that of 5052 aluminum sheet plate. Its characteristics are more or less the same as 5154 aluminum alloy, however the corrosion resistance in a vicious environment is higher than that of 5154 aluminum sheet metal. The 5454 aluminum plate is broadly used in vehicle, aluminum tank car and different fields.
    The tempers of 5454 aluminium sheet are O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28, H32, H34. Standard manufactured from 5454 aluminium sheet plate are stress vessels, marine centers pipes, automobile wheels,oil tanks body and so forth. The last tensile electricity is greater than 215 MPa, the situations yield electricity is greater than 85 MPa, the elongation is greater than 10%. 5454 with different 5000 series aluminum alloys are anti-rust aluminum implemented in marine and different industries. Consequently, we awareness on the high-quality to satisfy customers needs, aluminum sheet reduce to size is to be had in HUAWEI. Any need please contact us to get respond and answers please!