Should you use a gap analysis in your ISO 9001 implementation?

  • When starting to implement a Quality Management System using the ISO 9001 Certification in Bangalore standard, you will probably have heard about using a gap analysis. What is a gap analysis, and what is it used for? Should I use a gap analysis, and how do I do that?


    What is a gap analysis for ISO 9001 Certification?


    A gap analysis is actually quite a simple concept: compare what your company already does with the requirements of ISO 9001 standard and see which requirements you do not meet yet.  This does not entail going around and auditing to see if you actually do what you have planned, but it entails a paperwork exercise where someone knowledgeable in the management of your organization compares what the requirements ask you to do and determines if what you already do meets those requirements.  


    So, the process, put simply, would be like this:


    • ISO 9001 Certification itself for a very thorough analysis, and have a person knowledgeable in your operations assess each requirement.
    • ISO 9001 in Saudi Arabia for each requirement of the standard, write down what you already do that addresses this requirement.
    • You will then need to make a plan to implement new processes and procedures to address these requirements that are currently missing from your quality management system.
    • After this is completed, you will be able to generate a list of requirements that you do not yet address in your organization. 
    • This is considered the gap between what you do and what is required for an ISO 9001 compliant quality management system.


    Is a gap analysis required to implement ISO 9001?


    There is not a requirement to perform a gap analysis when implementing ISO 9001 Certification in Saudi Arabia. The gap analysis tool, like many elements of implementing ISO 9001:2015, are available for use, but up to you if you use them. Is a gap analysis necessary to implement ISO 9001:2015?” The answer to this is up to you, and is greatly determined by your company, your employees, and the maturity of any quality management system that you may already have in place. 


    Why would you want to use an ISO 9001 gap analysis?


    Many organizations find a gap analysis useful, especially if they already have some elements of a quality management system in place for other reasons. Some industries, such as automotive and aerospace, have had some quality management system processes required for many years before ISO 9001 was first written, and these processes will address many of the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. 


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