What to consider in security terms and conditions for employees

  • ISO 27001 Certification in Bangalore a good way to ensure that people are aware of their roles and responsibilities in an organization is by defining policies and procedures to be followed. They only cover the people who are already working for the organization and have access to information. ISO 27001 standard it is important to ensure the information will be properly protected even at the early stages of employment. 


    How to make security terms and conditions, and make them important


    Terms and conditions of work are the general rules by which employer and employee or contractor’s personnel working on organization’s behalf, agree upon for a job or activity. Normally they are presented during the pre-employment process in documents such as Terms and conditions of employment, Employment agreement, etc. These documents normally cover a broad list of items such as working time remuneration, and workplace conditions. 


    ISO 27001 employment are legal requirements for the establishment of a work relationship, by including security terms and conditions related to confidentiality, and use of best practices, data protection, ethics, appropriate use of the organization’s equipment and facilities,an organization can enhance its protection or support in case of legal actions involving information security incidents.


    Aspects of information security policies


    When working on summarized versions for alternatives “b” or “c”, it is useful to view the recommendations of ISO 27002, a supporting standard for the implementation of ISO 27001 Certification in Saudi Arabia in Annex A controls. ISO 27002 recommends that at least these aspects should be included:


    • conditions to grant access to sensitive information, and that these conditions must be fulfilled before new personnel can access information or information facilities.
    • actions to be taken if security requirements are violated by the involved parties.
    • ISO 27001 Consultants in Saudi Arabia rights and responsibilities of all involved parties regarding legal requirements, such as requirements for protection of copyrighted or private information under EU GDPR.
    • ISO 27001 Standard responsibilities regarding the classification and handling of information and information related assets, either owned by the organization or received from third parties. 


    ISO 27001 Certification it  is important to note that these security terms and conditions should be continued for a defined period after the end of the work relationship.

    Consider “Better safe than sorry” principle with employees

    ISO 27001 standard is the most common security incident not related to intentional attacks, but to a lack of awareness of ISMS responsibilities and the consequences to the person or organization if ISMS is compromised. 


    Our advice, Go for it

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