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  • If you want to work as a professional engineer within Queensland or on a Queensland project, it is mandatory for you to become a registered professional Engineers of Queensland (RPEQ) under the Professional Engineering Act (2002). Being REPQ certified you provide stakeholders, clients, and the public with much-needed confidence and skill credibility. You must cater to the required standards in your qualification, competency, and professionalism under the Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland (BPEQ) regulations. The motive of this certification is to implement a certain expectation and quality work from engineers working on huge, expensive, and potentially dangerous construction sites. But it is not easy to get certified with RPEQ Assessment.

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    We at CDRAustralia.Org assist those applicants who want to get their application assessed by BPEQ positively. We have a panel of experts who are highly skilled in their discipline and are experienced in writing different kinds of engineering reports. We are one of the most satisfactory and reliable Register professional Engineers in Queensland Assessment report providers amongst the others. You can ensure your successful registration with RPEQ by getting our guidance. RPEQ Assessment will be done via NER Registration. So first get assessment for NER then register yourself got RPEQ

    How Do You Get RPEQ Assessment Via NER Australia (Engineers Australia)

    Presently, Queensland is the only state or territory in Australia to implement assessments and regulations for all engineers working in the state. The RPEQ is the formal recognition and badge of your engineering qualification, experience, and competency. To be acknowledged as an RPEQ. There are two ways through which you can qualify for the RPEQ Australia.

    • If you are registered on NER (National Engineering Register) as a Professional Engineer
    • If you are a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng)
    • Eligibility requirement of RPEQ

    Criteria For RPEQ Registration

    1. Qualification: You need to have a minimum four-year Bachelor of Engineering degree from an Australian university.
    2. Competency: You must have a minimum of five years of working experience as an engineer and carry out professional engineering services under the guidance and direct supervision of another RPEQ.
    3. Continuing Professional Development Report (CPD): You need to have a minimum of 150 structured CPD hours accomplished over the previous three years.

    The role played by the Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland:

    BPEQ was established in 1929 under the original engineering professional act (PE Act). The board is liable for regulating the engineering profession across Queensland. They do this by regulating a fair and consistent set of standards, designed to maintain the highest engineering conduct across all disciplines. Their main functions are:

    • To assess the registration application
    • To authorize or conduct investigations about the professional conduct of RPEQ and conventions of the PE Act
    • To register engineers as RPEQs
    • To advise a minister
    • Keep a register of RPEQs

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