Which hand does Tua Tagovailoa of Dolphins play in Madden 22?

  • Madden 22 has been launched, and the thorough reform of the NFL official simulation franchise will be the next new attempt. The game release last week made game players and football fans very excited. But the fans of Dolphins encountered something surprising when using their favorite team.

    Second-year quarterback Tua Tagovailoa: throwing righty?

    Tagovailoa, who generally uses left-handed pitching, did use his right-handed pitching in the pre-match promo and warm-up shots. However, Tagovailoa is positioned as a left-handed quarterback in the game, so this is a mistake in the game.

    You may know the story of Tagovailoa's father, Galu. Tua was a natural right-handed when he Cheap Madden 22 coins was a child and was often asked by his father to learn to be left-handed. If not, then the teachings of Tagovailoa's father to his eldest son will be re-examined through Madden's spoof.

    "You know, I switched him to a left hander. But he's actually a right hander...It just became fluent and he just grew into it. That's the crazy part about it. I never thought I could make him adapt to that. As we constantly kept putting the ball on his left hand, eventually he grew into throwing the ball with his left." — Galu Tagovailoa via AL.com.

    Madden can think that this situation is not acceptable, and Dolphins fans will not be comforted by knowing the important details of this Dolphins quarterback when actually playing the game. People will only assume that this year's wrong images will be fixed by a game patch somewhere. Therefore, players can only play well in this strange phenomenon!

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