Promise Rings: What do they mean

  • The Promise Rings For Couples signifies commitment and is popularly given to family and friends as a gift. This ultimate guide to Promise Rings will answer all of your questions.

    The meaning behind Promise Rings

    A promise ring, often known as a pre-engagement band it is given to a relationship to signify commitment. While a promise ring typically used to signify a future engagement ring, it is also used to show commitment and loyalty.

    Monica Vinader believes that promise rings are a stylish means to express your affection for the person you are passionate about. From diamonds to gemstones and more, we offer a selection of rings to reflect the persona of your partner as well as your affection.

    Giving and Receiving Promise Rings

    Anyone can offer the promise ring to their beloved. You can gift this romantic gift to the person you love regardless of what the character of your relationship is. Anyone can give these rings and everyone can take them. Promise rings are so broad that anyone could be an giver as well as a receiver.

    Many people choose to give this type rings outside of a relationship, and instead showcase a withstanding and important friendship. If given in this way, they are more commonly known as friendship rings. However, since the purpose of a promise ring is whatever you decide to make it however, you might want to call it by its original name.

    When is the perfect time to present an Engagement Ring?

    The time frame of the promise ring's date is dependent on the individual who is involved. The timing of the ring is largely determined by the meaning of the promise ring that you've decided to choose. Couples in their early years often trade sentimental rings as placeholders to an engagement ring. A friendship bracelet can be an ideal gift to a loved one who is located far away. If you're not looking to get married, but are already in a long time relationship, a promise ring can be a wonderful way to mark your relationship.

    The choice of timing is up to you, much like the meaning behind promise rings. If you think now is the ideal moment to treat your beloved with this unique piece of sterling gold or silver jewelry, that's certainly the case.

    Monica Vinader believes that why limit yourself to a single ring when you can stack them? Our promise rings are stackable and can be layered with other rings, and still retain the same emotional significance.

    Which Finger Is a Promise Ring?

    The way you wear your promise ring is totally up to you. The two most common choices are the middle finger located on your left hand and close to your fingernails, or your finger that is a ring on your right hand. But it doesn't have a particular finger like an engagement ring, and you really can wear it any way you'd like.

    Check out our ring size guide or order a free ring sizer, so you're sure that you're ruining your romantic day by choosing a ring which doesn't fit.

    If you are someone who uses your hands a lot for work it is possible to decide not to wear it during these times. This is when you need a chain alternative to keep your ring safe and with you.

    Promise Rings vs Eternity Rings and Engagement Rings

    Although they look like they do, they're not the same. Whilst promise rings are traditionally given pre-engagement, eternity rings are usually given following marriage, usually for one year's anniversary. Eternity rings mean a vow to never-ending love like infinity rings. Although the meanings of promise rings or eternity rings as well as infinity rings are similar but their primary differences are when and by whom they are given.

    Engagement rings on the other hand are a sign that a couple is looking to get married and wedding vows are in the near future. Engagement rings and promise rings are adorned with sparkling diamonds to symbolize the eternality of love between a couple. The romantic rings can be placed on the same ring or with an elegant wedding band or ring in between.