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    Keep your CDs and albums ready and handy. Play them along during regular breaks through a Discman and personal stereo. It is preferable to play your own music so that you earn a royalty. Entertain and humor people and they will love it. Act as a disc jockey in between to bring variety to your talents.

    DLC today has taken gaming to a 'whole new level' (so to speak). When DLC perks were first offered, they took the form of customized shirts, hats, stickers and even character figurines and special packaging for games. All of these perks are still around today (the special editions of Batman: Arkham City , Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and Gears of War 3 come to mind at the moment), but DLC now is so much more than what it was. Now, DLC offers full extensions to games taking the form of more levels, customizable weapons, additional character skins, more vehiclesyou name it.

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    Early levels introduce the mechanisms for levels and controlling your "Sackboy character" (run, jump and drag). The action can be presented on three planes, with movement in and out of the screen handled automatically. Media Molecule dub the system "2.5D" and in action it is as simple and accessible as any old school platformer.

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