Revolutionizing Photo Book Production with SHENGTU's ST060D Dig

  • In the ever-evolving landscape of the printing industry, technological advancements continue to shape the way we produce various printed materials. One notable innovation that has garnered attention is the SHENGTU ST060D digital case making machine — a cutting-edge solution that is transforming the production of hard cases for photo books, albums, children’s books, and more.

    High-Speed Precision

    At the heart of this revolutionary machine is its remarkable speed, boasting a capability of producing an impressive 3000 pieces per hour. The ST060D is designed for efficiency, ensuring that businesses can meet the demands of both short and long production runs without compromising on speed or quality.

    Automatic Quick Set-Up

    One of the standout features of the ST060D is its automatic quick set-up device. This ingenious technology allows for the swift configuration of the machine for different format jobs, reducing the make-ready time to a mere 5–10 minutes. This substantial time-saving benefit enhances production efficiency significantly, making the ST060D an invaluable asset for businesses seeking to streamline their operations.

    Versatility in Design

    The ST060D digital case making machine offers unparalleled versatility, catering to a range of materials and design preferences. It is equipped to handle various cover materials such as PU, binding cloth, art paper, and more. Additionally, it can accommodate round corners, providing flexibility for both die-cutting and non-die-cutting scenarios. This adaptability ensures that the machine meets the diverse needs of its users, enabling them to produce a wide array of customized cases.

    Data Storage and Code Scanning

    To further enhance its functionality, the ST060D comes equipped with data storage and code scanning capabilities. This not only facilitates seamless integration into modern production workflows but also aligns with the specific requirements of the photo book industry. The ability to store data and scan codes ensures precision and consistency, meeting the high standards demanded by the production of personalized digital photo books.

    Preferred Choice for Personalization

    In the competitive market of personalized photo books, the ST060D has emerged as the preferred choice for businesses and individuals alike. Its advanced features, coupled with its ability to cater to short and long production runs, position it as the go-to solution for those seeking to create high-quality, personalized digital photo books.


    As the printing industry continues to evolve, the SHENGTU ST060D digital case making machine stands out as a beacon of innovation. Its blend of speed, automatic set-up, versatility, and advanced features has made it an indispensable tool for businesses involved in the production of photo books, albums, and other hard case materials. Embracing the ST060D means embracing efficiency, precision, and the capability to meet the dynamic demands of the modern printing landscape.