The High Pressure Injection Pump is A Part Of The Diesel Engine

  • The High Pressure Injection Pump is an essential part of the diesel engine enabling the gazole to be measured out and pressurized to be then distributed to the injectors. Naturally, the tightness of these pumps is at the heart of their design. This is also the case for gasoline pumps.

      In addition to meet very demanding quality standards, the many holes of those products to be plugged or to be tested represent a particular challenge.

      This type of leak detection system has been designed to be integrated into a production line and to maintain sustained production cycles. It includes one or more vacuum chambers in which the pumps are tested in global mode with the possibility to specifically detect the leaks with a sniffing leak detection sensor. Each chamber has its own detector and pumping unit, which makes it possible to perform simultaneously several leak detection testing!

      A high-performance conveyor brings the parts to be tested up to the chambers. The pumps are handled using carriage lifts and are placed in the detection chambers.

      Fuel Pumps Leak Detection Technical Data:

      Independent dual-station system operating simultaneously (with its own detector and pumping unit)

      Automated system enabling the parts to be conveyed on a conveyor belt

      Test in global mode (chamber)

      Possibility to use a sniffing sensor for leak detection

      Primary pumping of the part and secondary pumping of the chamber

      Cycle time <60s

    In addition to an automated line, it is possible to keep a manual Injection Pump Machine in order to perform temporary pump testing, without interfering with production.