Comments about Phantasy Star Online 2

  • It took eight years for Phantasy Star Online 2 to be officially released in the West, which shocked me. I started playing this game on a Japanese server a few years ago. At that time, I had a deep affection for this game, but I thought it was a bit awkward at that time. Many new problems have appeared in the Microsoft Store, which has caused the games you play to be outdated and lagging behind the easier Japanese version for five years.

    In the past, you had to complete boring and tedious tasks in the wild to unlock the story, and finally unlock the squares on the "Question Panel". All you want to do is select the story task in the menu. Cutscenes and levels make up these story characters, allowing the story to move on. The same is true for people who want to tell stories. It can indeed provide you with useful tools, but it does not prevent it from boring, stiff and awkward cutscenes and bad character animations.

    The PSO2 Meseta for Sale visual effects of the entire game are like this. When Phantasy Star Online 2 was launched in 2012, many players found that this game was neither a beautifully-looking game nor a game that followed the trend. The character models are very ordinary, and they don't give people a bright feeling.

    The overall structure of Phantasy Star Online 2 looks strange. If there is no story, then entering the exploration area of ??each area and completing it to unlock access to the next area is early progress. Two randomly generated regions form these regions, and they will meet the boss later.

    The Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta game has gradually become particularly boring, but the fighting has always been fun. There are many kinds of class content, and there are many differences between them. Some classes focus on short-range combat, and some classes focus on long-range weapons. As my favorite class, Braver uses a mixture of katana and bow.

    For players, Phantasy Star Online 2 is more than just a role-playing game. For many people, it may be a kind of companionship. Players in the game will have a great demand for PSO2 Meseta, so they spend a lot of extra time for this. With the IGGM website, getting PSO2 Meseta is a very easy task.