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Tarkov's License Agreement does prohibit each

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    February 5, 2023 2:43 AM EST

    Tarkov's License Agreement does prohibit each "collection of EFT Roubles game money, items, substances, sources, and many others. For sale outside the Game" and "provision of game services, together with elevating the level, in change for payment outside the Game." Both point out the change of actual world cash but do not especially restrict players gifting objects to one another as buddies.

    The line among the bannable offense of boosting and lending a hand to a chum seems unclear to a lot of Tarkov players. "VSS Vintorez" is certainly one of them, posting approximately how they wanted to gift items to a teammate however have been afraid of having banned for valid conduct. "There is no clear line on what amount of items guidelines the scale from 'sharing' to 'boosting'," they say.

    Other players are asking one another for readability on Escape from tarkov roubles  how tons "sharing the wealth" is an excessive amount of and the responses are in most cases simply guesses at first-rate. They're only a few of the numerous gamers asking similar questions about what constitutes boosting in Battlestate's eyes. The concerns over being banned are not simply abstract, either. Multiple gamers say they have got been banned for trading items among buddies. The one issue that is clean is that no person is obvious on the regulations.