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China Lay Flat Hose

  • July 3, 2023 1:09 AM EDT

    China Lay Flat Hose Size I.D2Bar3Bar4Bar6Bar8Bar inch(mm)kg/mkg/mkg/mkg/mkg/m 1"25.4卤1. 1-1/4"31.8卤1. 1-1/2"38.1卤1. 2"50.3卤1.50.230.300.350.370.50 2-1/2"63.5卤1.50.300.380.500.550.60 3"76.2卤2.00.360.450.600.650.85 4"101.6卤2.00.500.650.850.951.10 5"121.0卤2.50.650.851.001.201.35 6"152.4卤2.50.851.001.351.501.65 8"203.2卤2.81.501.751.902.202.30 10"254.1卤3.02.502.652.803.20 12"304.8卤4. Hose size: 1鈥?to 10鈥?12鈥?16inch Working pressure: 2bar,it is the lowest pressure pvc discharge hose.So the cost is the lowest. PVC delivery hose Length: 10m to 100m Two style pvc lay flat hose:One is lay flat by one time with pure pvc.Another is the common quality hose with lower price. The pvc lay flat hose color can be blue, green, red and so on. PVC Lay flat Hoses suitable for a range of tasks such as conveying and discharging water such as for irrigation purposes; as well as various roles in engineering and construction projects. Lay flat hoses are resistant to most oxidising and reducing agents and diluted acids and alkalis 1. Colorful Nylon Tape Wrapped Coils 2. Transparent PVC Tape Wrapped Coils 3. Pallets with sea worthy coils 4. Wooden Case 5. Plastic Hose Reels 6. Wooden Hose Reels 7. As customer's request 1. Why choose our high pressure layflat hose?(Features and Advantages) 2. More durable: New technique:Unique one-step forming,high adhesion resistance than traditional layflat hose, high resistance to corrosion,aging 3. Very flexible, Made of high-qualtiy Modified PVC/NBR/TPU and strong reinforced yarn, can work under lower temperture (--10 degrees to +60 degrees); 4. Stable against kinking and twisting under work pressure, working pressure from 2bar--13bar. can fully satisfy with different needs. 5. Delivery Time is shorter: 7-15 days Contact person: Lisa yip Phone:(0576)82420000 Tel:+8615957696822, +8613957666227 Address:Nanshan Industrial Zone,Luqiao,Taizhou, Zhejiang, China Industry Standard for Agricultural Water Belt There are more than one type of agricultural hoses. Among the hoses such as fire hoses, plastic hoses, agricultural hoses, we are familiar with agricultural hoses. Its use is very common in agricultural cultivation. Of course, the effect depends on its excellent performance. In order to ensure the use effect of agricultural hoses, we need to ensure that the pressure is above 0.6mpa, the surface is smooth and flat, and there should be no shortage of wire breakage, warp drawing, loosening, internal and external grooves, deplasticized air holes and coating inclusions . And the wall thickness is required to be uniform, and the addition of aging agent meets industry standards; the weight of the water pipe belt must be ensured that the packaging bag above 0.5kg must meet the loading and unloading and transportation during the transportation process must not be damaged.China Lay Flat Hose website: