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Recommend [Xuanhuan] Tianjiao Zhan Ji (Male Frequency)

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    August 28, 2022 10:39 PM EDT

    However, at the top of the Taoist altar, the conflict was temporarily suspended, and both sides were in a tense confrontation and alert. In the central position, the case is old, on which there is a bronze bell, branded with the dense texture of the road, flowing out of the bright blue light. This is the first creation, which has enough temptation to make any practitioner in the world unable to resist. But in the same way, if you want to seize the good fortune, you will also face fatal danger. Almost everyone knows that whoever dares to rush out first will become the target of public criticism and be besieged by other strong people! In this way, no one dares to move without authorization. I have a proposal. Kill Lin Xun first, and then we'll compete for this bronze bell. What do you think? In the tense atmosphere, Yu Lingkong opened his mouth, looked at the heroes indifferently, and finally looked at Lin Xun. All of a sudden, Mu Jianting, Shang Jia, Li Qinghuan these peerless characters' eyes all become subtle, seems to have some conation. Naturally, I have no opinion. At this time, in addition to Yu Lingkong, there are also three descendants of Changsheng Pure Land, including Bai Lingxi. When they heard Yu Lingkong's proposal, two of them agreed without hesitation. As for Bai Lingxi, she pursed her cherry lips and did not say a word. Her beautiful and clear appearance seemed to be calm, but in fact she was extremely anxious and worried. She did not expect that as soon as she ascended the altar,pallet rack shelving, Yu Lingkong would take the lead in attacking Lin Xun, and would unite with others to deal with Lin Xun! Others are silent, such as Ji Xingyao, Luojia and Shiyun. But no matter how, because of Yu Lingkong's words, all of a sudden Lin Xun pushed to the cusp of the storm, the situation can be dangerous. Is this the only ability of the descendants of the Pure Land of Longevity? Kill me a Lin Xun, but also with the help of others, it seems that you Yu Lingkong is just so so. "Lin Xun is smiling in the sun, and his black eyes are deep and cold." Innocent! I just don't want you to delay the time for everyone to seize the good fortune. Yu Lingkong was dressed in a jade robe,push back racking system, his black hair was loose, and his eyes were cold and ruthless. Bullshit, if you are not afraid of Yu Lingkong, do you still need to make such a shameless suggestion? Lin Xun made no secret of his contempt. The two confront each other, completely on! One is a peerless figure of the younger generation in the Southern Xuanjie Changsheng Pure Land, who has long been famous all over the world. His inside information, fighting power, and skills are all among the best in the world, and he oppresses his peers so much that they cannot lift their heads. The other is a strong rise in the last six months, all the way out of the bloody killing of the Lin Demon God, who has killed many proud figures, breaking out of the great power. Undoubtedly, the confrontation between the two peerless figures will attract more attention. Clang! Yu Lingkong flicked his fingers and tapped gently on the sword in his hand. The bright and transparent blade like jade sent out a dazzling light. It was cold and dazzling, and it was very frightening. Since you think so, I will behead you now, so as not to let you die in your grave. Yu Lingkong opened his mouth, plain and calm, without a trace of emotional waves. He was indeed aloof and in a rock-like state of mind, medium duty racking ,metal racking systems, a kind of restrained conceit, a kind of invincible arrogance. The atmosphere on the altar was oppressive and tense, and everyone's mind was pulled. Before the first good fortune, Yu Lingkong wanted to suppress Lin Xun, which was really unexpected, but it was reasonable to think about it carefully. Because the Lantern Festival has come to the final moment to decide the winner. And when I was on the bank of the floating and sinking sea, did Yu Lingkong ever say that he wanted to kill Lin Xun himself! "To tell you the truth, I've really put up with you for a long time. I've provoked you again and again. I really think I'm invincible and can do whatever I want." Lin Xun's expression is also very plain, and his voice is very serious. "Since you come to me, I will help you and send you on your way." Swish! The void trembled violently, Yu Lingkong said no more, carrying the ancient sword, and came forward to split and kill. Like a touch of bright lightning, it illuminates the universe. The infinite power of Dao Yi is like the tide, steaming and rolling in the sharp sword, reflecting many amazing visions and boundless terror. A sword, as soon as the attack, there is the spirit of the universe, so that all things are dim peerless style! Lin Xun's eyes were shining, and his whole body was running at will. At this moment, he pushed his own strength to the peak and offered a broken blade to fight. Boom! In the void, there seemed to be a divine thunder exploding, which made the altar shake and buzz, and the terrible sword and sword swept through the scene of destruction. In a flash, the two fought fiercely together, like the sun and the moon competing for brilliance, and like two ancient sacred mountains colliding fiercely. The other strong people all froze and retreated subconsciously, unwilling to be involved in it. The two descendants of Changsheng Pure Land were ready to participate in the killing of Lin Xun with Yu Lingkong. But in the end, they did not attack immediately, because they firmly believed that Yu Lingkong could easily destroy Lin Xun without their help. They are too aware of the strength of Yu Lingkong, who is the most dazzling peerless figure in the whole Nanxuan world. When she saw Yu Lingkong alone, Bai Lingxi breathed a sigh of relief, but immediately she couldn't help worrying, worrying about gains and losses, because she also knew how terrible Yu Lingkong was, Lin Xun. Can it really be blocked? Ji Xingyao, dressed in a plain dress, was as cold as snow, and her posture was extremely dusty. Her clear eyes were filled with awe, and she stared at the two people who were fighting against each other. Her beautiful face was like an ancient well. On the other side, Luojia stood in silence, her whole body overflowing with the holy breath like a fairy phoenix, with a vase suspended above her head, filled with divine light, bathing her in awe. In addition, the gifted Shang Jia, the golden Taoist pattern in the palm of his hand, Shi Yun, Li Qinghuan, Mu Jianting and others are all eyeing covetously, their eyes are like lightning. However, they are more concerned about the first good fortune on the case not far away! At this time, Yu Lingkong and Lin Xun fought against each other, and both of them had no time to attend to each other, which undoubtedly provided them with a good opportunity to compete for good fortune. Boom! In the outbreak of the war, Lin Xun is strong and arrogant, like a demon God, the broken blade is urged, white as a dream,industrial racking systems, and the killing gas is overwhelming. But Yu Lingkong was more powerful than him. He seemed to be coming from the sacred. Between his gestures and gestures, the Tao was roaring and the sword was shooting, which was brilliant and dazzling to the extreme.